An Economy Measured by how People are Doing

Image Credit: Topos

Bottom line: Businesses or people?

Too often, and for too long Americans have looked at the economy from the narrow perspective of how (big) businesses are doing. Commonly cited measures like GDP and the stock averages mainly tell us how active and profitable large businesses are — but not how regular people are doing. After all, businesses can be “successful” and investors can be happy while people are suffering — e.g. when businesses increase profits and cut costs by firing people, paying lower wages, taking shortcuts on health and safety …

A new common sense

What we need is a new shared understanding, that economic well-being should be measured by the basic question of how people are doing — can we make ends meet, do we feel some security, and so forth. Common sense, right? Instead of assuming we will benefit when businesses are profitable, we look directly at how people are doing.



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